Next Generation Offensive Security Suite

HunterSuite is the next generation offensive security suite. It will automate all the tedious tasks during a test just with few clicks. If you are a penetration tester, red teamer, bug bounty hunter, or you work as an offensive security engineer, you will love what HunterSuite has to offer.

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Asset Discovery

Using sophisticated and combined methods, HunterSuite discover more asset than any other tool in the market

  • Scheduled scans
  • Subdomains, IP range, services, ports
  • Technology stack and fingerprints
  • Screenshot of live hots
  • Links and Internet archives
  • javascript endpoints
  • And more...

Asset Monitoring

Monitor everything at any time.

  • Scheduled scans
  • Subdomains
  • API EndPoint
  • Files
  • HTTP requests

Vulnerability Scanner

Scan for most recent vulnerabilities and 1-day exploits using Jaeles engine.

  • More than 350 web vulnerabilities in current database
  • Subdomain takeovers
  • Regular vulnerability database updates
  • Directory scanning
  • Use your own wordlists

Offensive Intelligence

Embedded search engine for critical mentions.

  • Leaked credentials
  • Credential monitoring
  • Early vulnerability notification

Access to this feature is restricted and is only available to a minimal number of eligible individuals and organizations.


  • Scan and Monitor up to 2 targets
  • 1 task at a time
  • Change history up to 3 days
  • Max scan timeout 3h
  • Works only on public programs
  • No plugin access
  • E-Mail Support

Bounty Hunter

  • Scan and monitor up to 3 targets
  • 3 concurrent tasks
  • Change history up to 1 week
  • Works public and private programs
  • Max scan timeout 6h
  • Weekly VulnDB update
  • Access to most plugins
  • E-Mail Support

Dark Suite

  • Scan and Monitor up to 5 targets
  • 5 concurrent tasks
  • Works on any domain
  • Change history up to 2 weeks
  • Early VulnDB update
  • Access to all plugins
  • Priority E-Mail Support
14 days free trial essential edition (no payment required)