The ideas of HunterSuite come from the problems we face while working on various black-box assessments, the repetitive steps, being lost in a massive amount of unstructured data, keeping up to date, tools, and vulnerabilities, and managing virtual machines and... Making sense of these assets prioritize them and select the most vulnerable in the chain. You may sleep a couple of hours, and a new asset arrives because of how tedious it is to use all the tools and steps again you may not want to repeat it, and there are high chances of missing a new asset or merely a change in an endpoint. All of these issues are just a part of the problems HunterSuite tries to fix.

With HunterSuite, you have the power of an army battle-tested to work on the largest companies, and you can finally focus on what matters exploiting and fixing vulnerabilities. we believe it can be way smarter and way more manageable. Now that bug bounty and generally offensive security community grown, it's time we have better tools, Read the Docs to see our approach.

Sha R. aka @0xSha


His interest in the field of information security began in 2003 as a curious kid. A few years after, he landed his first job as a penetration tester and performed hundreds of assessments for clients; Later on, while working with various clients, he sharpened his skills as a software developer and founded multiple successful and failed startups. He holds a bachelor's degree, and studying for computer science master's degree. He recently starts blogging again and participate in some public bug bounty programs. (Netflix, ZOOM, Razer, NordVPN, Bitdefender)

While he is not building or breaking software, he enjoys travel, movies, workout, games, piano, reading, and people's company.

Chayapol Moemeng

Managing Director

Forged in academia, his background in Computer Science has made his view to the world as computational problems; problem-solving keeps him sane; so that, he is doctoring in Computer Science. He has two decades of experience in university teaching, retail business operations, and technical consulting with a broad range of connections in the industry.

While he is not in front of his computer, he is a gym rat, Muaythai boxer, and random stuff.

Ai Ho. aka @j3ssie


A senior security engineer focused on application security. He is the creator of the famous frameworks Osmedeus and Jaeles to help automate many phases in penetration testing. He also acknowledged by Microsoft, StackOverflow, DoD, Django, IBM, Sony, Dell, Adobe, Mastercard, Ford, and so on for finding security issues on their products.

His hobbies outside of work are watching movies, playing games, and reading.